Zhejiang Leads Thousands of Enterprises to Expand the Market and Grab Orders

On the morning of December 4, a Zhejiang Tuomarket economic and trade delegation, composed of provincial department of Commerce and other relevant officials, drove to the airport to start a 6-day European tour. It is reported that this trip to Europe is the first delegation led by the provincial Commerce Department.

Zhejiang Channel of People’s Daily Online learned from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce that on December 3rd, Zhejiang Province launched the “Action of thousands of groups and thousands of enterprises to expand the market and grab orders”, to link enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions, carry out business negotiations, and help enterprises to expand overseas markets.

Government department leaders accompany enterprises to “go out”, for enterprises to eliminate worries is one of the important reasons. Many enterprises said that after this thoughtful “journey to the sea”, their confidence in “going global” and development confidence further strengthened.

Behind this, Jiaxing government departments have taken multiple measures and made continuous efforts in such aspects as holding the mobilization conference, unblocking the route to the sea, speeding up the application of entry and exit permits, and strengthening policy support.

“We take the initiative to connect with Zhejiang Airport Group, contact airline resources of a number of airlines, for Japan, France, UAE and other trade areas where key international exhibitions are held, through the mode of ‘charter + package cabin + scheduled flight’, to ensure that enterprises can go out and come back without worry.” Zhang Yueqin said.

Experts believe that the sea “grab orders” is a two-way rush to the enterprise and the government. It can be predicted that after the return of overseas enterprises will drive upstream and downstream business, boost the overall economy. In the future, it is expected that more provinces and cities will join the list of overseas “grab orders”

“In¬†November this year, we launched a competition to grab customers and orders. Through extensive mobilization and organization, more than 80 groups of outbound exhibitors and investment groups have been arranged in the city. In December this year, there will be 6 groups leaving China, including 3 groups to Japan for exhibition and investment, 1 group to Germany and France for exhibition and investment, 1 group to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for exhibition, and 1 group to Singapore for investment. At the same time, more than 100 companies will follow the group to compete for orders.” Zhang Haofu, director of the General Office of Jiaxing Bureau of Commerce, said that since the beginning of 2022, more than 2,000 people from Jiaxing have gone abroad for business. This “going out” will greatly enhance the confidence of enterprises and promote business exchanges at home and abroad.

Orders fall back obviously, enterprise pressure double. How to break the game? Take the initiative to go out and embrace openness becomes the only way.

However, in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, most foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo have been unable to go overseas to participate in exhibitions, visit customers offline, and carry out normal economic and trade exchanges for nearly three years, and many enterprises are still worried about “going out”.

With the introduction of the “Twenty measures” of The State Council to optimize epidemic prevention and control and the optimization of Ningbo’s epidemic prevention and control measures, a series of positive signals encouraging enterprises to attract investment overseas and carry out economic and trade negotiations have given enterprises the courage and confidence to start again.

Post time: Dec-28-2022
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